Energy Healing for Trichotillomania

Pulling hair out of your head, eyebrows, and eyelashes. That's trichotillomania. I have personally experienced this. It's an addictive behavior. It could be a mild case of just innocently playing with your hair. This could be cute and attract men your way. If so, more power to you! But, keep it mild. If this behavior gets neurotic then it's time to put and end to it. There can be a lot of ugly truth about it. It could be so bad that it can be considered self mutilating. Don't let it! There is an underlying energy about it that wants to be released. Then good energy can be brought in to replace it. This new energy flow is healing. Contact me. Reply to my website or call me at 661-992-4396. Ask me your questions to see if I am able to help you. A session or two may be all you need to get that energy flow back on track and balanced. I have been there so I will understand. I am a certified energy healing practitioner who works with tight or blocked energy that can cause the perpetuation of unwanted behaviors and limitations in our lives. You are healing yourself, I am just a catalyst. Check out my other blogs. Blessings to you on your life's journey.

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