Energy Healing for the Addiction to Overeating

I have had a love/hate relationship with food. Ohhh especially cakes with yummy frosting. My breakfasts used to be anything made with sugar. I've had my funky relationship with food. If you have had a funky relationship with food I just want to let you know you are not alone. We can share war stories about our battles with food and who won, you or the food. So, enough about me. Let's focus on you. I don't know the details about your relationship with food. And I don't need to know. The only thing I need to know is how it makes you feel in your body. What is your energy flow in your body and are there any blockages that you can detect. Let's let the energy speak to us about this food that we can't live without but have a hard time living with. The feelings we have just before we eat tell us a lot. So let's start there; notice a tight or dense feeling in your body. Where is it? Common places are energy centers such as the throat, chest, solar plexus, or abdomen. With energy healing I use visualizations and guided meditations to release that trapped negative energy then the energy of Love is welcomed into these spaces of the body. I believe you can feel some relief after the first session. You are more in charge of the healing than you realize. The success of the session is usually not experienced until met with that food battle again. It is then that you may notice something is a little different in your energy around food. The connection is not quite there like it used to be. You're not hypnotized or enslaved into taking that bite of double fudge cake with chocolate sprinkled cocoa frosting. Or, your not waiting for everyone to go to sleep so you can raid the fridge of leftover BBQ ribs with a side of mac & cheese. There can be freedom. There can be balance. Think about releasing your energy tie with food. Imagine how that would feel in your life. Let me know your thoughts. Reply to my blog. Contact me through my website or call me at 661-992-4396. Blessings to you on your healing journey with food. Check out my other blogs. Energy healing equals liberation. Release your limitations to success. Bring Joy into your life.

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