Energy Healing for Hyperhidrosis

Updated: Sep 17

Energy healing was helping me deal with the stresses of my marital and childhood relationships. Who would have guessed that it was also helping me with my hyperhidrosis. Sweaty palms, which is a form of hyperhidrosis (emotional state reflective through a response from sweat glands in palms, feet, underarms, and face) was something I had lived with most of my life. You might be wondering how energy healing helped me with my hyperhidrosis. Well, it started to make sense the more I did this healing on myself. Call it serendipity. Because, although sweating palms was like a thorn in my side and responsible for a lot of limitations in my life, it was not first and foremost on my mind to heal from. There were other problems in my life that were demanding my attention. And, probably because, in my opinion, the choices of treatment for hyperhidrosis were mildly palliative and would not give me the relief I was looking for. So, back to energy healing, I felt my energy blocks in my heart chakra and throat chakra just before experiencing my galvanic skin response (changes of sweat gland activity reflective of emotional state). Your particular energy blocks may be in different chakra centers than mine. The first step is identifying where in your body the energy block is taking place that is associated with your galvanic skin response. You see, if you're anything like how I was, your focus is on the wrong part of your body...your sweaty palms! That is your response! Get your focus off of your response! I know, easier said than done, Sometimes it's darn near impossible! I am aware of why... because you're CONSCIOUSLY focused instead of ENERGETICALLY focused. With energy healing, using visualizations and guided meditations, there is a releasing of this negative energy and a replacing with good energy to balance your flow. I am a certified energy healing practitioner. I believe the energy that keeps your hyperhidrosis active can be released in a process of sessions. I believe you can get some relief after the first session. Try one session with me or consider the 8 week program designed for hyperhidrosis.

You can find information on my website home page. I am available by video chat ( such as; Zoom,Skype, Facetime) or phone 661-992-4396 or in person. Contact me by website or phone. It's time for you to try energy healing. Let go of your limitations. We are all on a journey. Many blessings and hope to meet you soon.


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Stephanie Katz
I work as an adjunct or complement to any medical treatment or therapy you may currently be involved in.
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