Energy healing can help heal you from your past so you can enjoy the present moment!

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Does your energy suffer from these stress responses or limitations?
biting nails
sweating palms
accident prone
stage fright
negative love patterns
any pattern that elicits emotion
Energy healing is an alternative therapy that can work for you!

Energetic healing

Balancing your energy flow can lower your stress and relieve you of your limitations

Energy Healing Session Hours and Pricing:


  Mondays and Thursdays from

   8:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. PST


   Session lengths and pricing:

   $70 Chakra balancing:   50 minute online session

   $70 Energy healing:       50 minute online session

   $70  Chakra balancing:  50 minute in person session 

   $120 Energy healing:     50 minute in person session  


   $500 Energy healing:     8 week sessions online ( This includes 50 minute sessions once a week for 8 weeks)

About the Energy Healing Modalities I Use 


Energy healing and mindset change can be transformational.  Imagine healing from your past, making a better future, and enjoying the present moment. Energy healing can encompass many types of modalities. The modalities that I use are visualizations and guided meditations. The energy healing is just as effective through distance healing ( via video chat or phone) as it is in the same room. No physical touch is necessary, the focus is on energy.  You heal yourself.  My role is to help you become more aware of your higher consciousness. I work as an adjunct or complement to any medical treatment or therapy you are currently involved in.


These are the types of energetically triggered limitations or stress responses I work with:

Negative relationship patterns;  Lack of connection to others, negative patterns in love, feelings of not belonging, social inadequacy, feelings of not knowing yourself, being bullied, being taken advantage of, bullying.

Addictions; Smoking, eating, working, shopping, gambling.

Body responses to stress; Sweaty hands, feet, underarms, face. Flushing/blushing, easily embarrassed, cold extremities, trouble catching breath, yawning too much,rumbling stomach noises, heart pounding.

Embarrassing behavior; Prone to accidents, clumsiness, biting nails, pulling hair out of head,eyebrows, eyelashes,

Limitations to success;  Indecisiveness, trouble remembering, blanking out, losing train of thought, forgetting what you were just talking about, pressure to give a good impression, stage fright, thought of failing, failing tests, cloudy head, confusion 

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Tel: 1-661-992-4396 PST

Stephanie Katz
I work as an adjunct or complement to any medical treatment or therapy you may currently be involved in.
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