About Stephanie

My Story


I have experienced such a miraculous change in my well being after applying energy healing and mindset change to my life. Before this transformation, I experienced many of the same limitations listed on this website such as clumsiness, sweaty palms,confusion, stage fright, negative patterns in love, to name a few. These patterns, I believe, are symptoms of  deeper emotional wounds that want to be released. These wounds can be released; energetically. I believe these emotional wounds are in the form of energy in our biofield.  Here are links to information that I find apply to that understanding.  Theta brain wave state,  neuroplasticity,  meditation, and mindset changes.  I am an instructor and a catalyst to your healing experience.


I was born and educated in Tucson where I finished my college education from the University of Arizona with a B.S. Degree in Pharmacy .  My education and background involves science and psychology and spirituality.   I have 2 adult sons with college on their mind. 6 rabbits and 1 dog. My transformation was born out of my marriage. Relationships, especially marriage,  have a way of reflecting back to us who we really are inside. My breakthrough discovery was that I did not love myself. So I set forth on a journey to do just that. Love myself. Which led me to the doorstep of energetic healing.

Education and Membership


Meditation, by Dennis Marikis, Ph. D., January 2019, Institute for Brain Potential.

Certificate in Energy Healing; February 2019, Academy of Energy Healing.

Membership to International Institute for Complementary Therapists; 2019.

Child and Family Education college courses 12 units; June 2017 , Antelope Valley College, Lancaster CA.

Stress, Resilience, and Happiness,  by Jeff Auerbach, Psyd. March 2017.Institute for Natural Resources.

Calming the Overactive Brain, by William J. Sieber, Ph. D. March 2017, Institute for Brain Potential.

The Habits of Happy People, by Brian E. King, Ph. D. July 2015, Institute for Natural Resources.

Reasoning with Unreasonable People: Focus of Disorders of Emotional Regulation, by Martin M. Antony, Ph. D.,Feb 2015, Institute for Brain Potential.

Noxious People: Living and Working With High-Conflict Individual, by Joseph W. Shannon, Ph. D. Psychology, Nov. 2013, Institute for Brain Potential.

B.S. Degree in Pharmacy, May 1988, University of Arizona, Tucson AZ.

I work as an adjunct or complement to any medical treatment or therapy you may currently be involved in.